About Us

Our roots – Our practice began in 1966 as a Fidelity Union Life insurance agency with Robert Linton as owner. The primary focus then was to offer life insurance and annuities to college seniors and graduate students, as a foundation for financial security, for the real world these college students would soon be facing.

Along the way – Over the years additional insurance carriers were brought into the lineup, including medical, disability and long-term care coverage. In the mid-'80's mutual funds were also added to the queue. With the availability of these additional products, strategies relating to college funding, retirement planning and estate planning strategy services were added. We became affiliated with Voya Financial Advisors in 1995. 

Today –Voya Financial Advisors takes a broad spectrum approach in serving our clients to support and strengthen their financial well-being. Initially, new clients engage in the planning process to discuss thier unique goals, priorities and challenges they wish to address. The next step is to take action, addressing each component of the financial plan. Periodic review and adjustments are critical to keeping their plan on track.

In the future – The financial services industry has changed a lot since 1966, providing more options for the consumer to choose from. We can only speculate as to what additional products and services will come into play in the years ahead. You can rest assured Voya Financial Advisors will be there for our clients, to navigate the complexities of the financial world, every step of the way.